Where Loan Rates are Headed here

We have had an interesting ride over the last year or so with the Reserve Bank having introduced borrowing limitations through the LVR program and subsequently easing this policy a little for new builds. We have also seen interest rates climb with a few small increases, Fonterra has announced several reductions in the final dairy payouts, and Economists have been changing their short and long term views of our market. Continue reading

10 Reasons to Own Residential Investment Property

Despite some people making the move from ‘planning to own’ across to ‘planning to rent’, I continue to maintain that property investment is a wonderful vehicle to medium and long term wealth. You may ask why? Over many years as a residential property investor, I have accumulated plenty of experience, some through error and some through success. Continue reading

6 Rent vs. Own Arguments and How Investors Can Win

Rent or BuyOwning your own home is a dream that most Kiwis have. Yet there are several reasons why more people are choosing renting over buying their own home, and not all by choice.

Some of these reasons are:

  1. Properties usually appreciate. However, there are other types of investment that can potentially be equally as rewarding. Sometimes the interest lies more in owning a business, or investment in shares.
  2. It’s worthwhile considering if we did have a property market crash, and how would you fare?
  3. Continue reading